Securely connecting medical data to realize the promise of personalized medicine.

A patient authorized, blockchain-based data access - without sending the data.

The promise of personalized medicine

More medical and genomic data is the key for the advent of personalized medicine and a more efficient health system. Faster and more effective drug discovery depends on large amounts of medical data to provide more targeted, personalized drugs.

Everyone in the health care ecosystem profits from the increased accessibility of medical data. Blockgene provides a fast, trust-free blockchain-based system to integrate legacy and newly established repositories. Database integration, search, authorization and provision connects the medical data value chain from healthcare providers to patients and pharmaceutical companies.

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Parametrization & integration of existing databases

blockgene connects medical or genomic data of varying databases, formats and storage technologies through multi-party computation. We prepare the databases with unified semantics and all data is searchable from everywhere.

Blockchain IDs for
patients and transaction authorization

Access to private medical data must be authorized by the patient through existing electronic health records or private apps. Blockgene provides transaction traceability on blockchains, consent on case-by-case basis.

Medical data search, authorization, secure access and monetization

blockgene allows to conduct medical analysis on encrypted data in different databases  while preserving full privacy. There is no transfer of data and transasctions are incentivized depending  on the chosen distribution key.

A global network of medical data

We believe in the power of networks and their incredible value for human progress. We strive to make this happen for the future of personalized medicine, for better healthcare all over the globe. Never before could data from India help patients in Europe. At scale, the data exchange of medical data will empower new drugs and new treatements for preventive and medical health care.

Our Team

Our dedicated team consists of geneticists, MPC and blockchain experts, medical doctors and experienced business developers.

Alex Schmid

Alex Schmid

Alex holds an MBA from the Unviersity of Zurich and is an experienced serial entrepreneur, founding companies in different technology sectors.

Alex believes in the power of networks and wants to bring them to the scalable exchange of medical data and personalized medicine in healthcare.

Akshay Kumar Ahuja

Akshay Kumar Ahuja

Akshay holds a PhD in Cancer Biology from the University of Zurich and worked as a gene targeting scientist at the University of Oxford.

Akshay is passionate about analysing complex medical data. He has the vision to make personalized medicin available for everyone.


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Advisory Board


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Christian Trautmann

Christian, MD,  is medical doctor and gynecologist with a special interest in the use and availability of genomic and medical data for patients and doctors for better health coverage.



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